I love being an artist. I have been drawing since I was 3. In the past 5 years I've been oil painting. I've had a camera in my hand over the past 20 years taking photos of everything I could. My family pets quickly learned to pose. Mother Nature's beauty was another main subject. After getting over my fears, people become my models about 4 years ago ... people other than my family. I love being creative. I love being an artist. (Yes, I did say that twice.) ... Oh! And I love to smile. :)Other personal interests -- I want to be Jane Goodall; I'm a humanitarian. I love genealogy.  I minored in anthropology & psychology. I love dolphins & HORSES. I love to sing, dance, run, swim, makeup, doing my hair, GLITTER, kittens, California and COFFEE. I have a clinical doctorate in physical therapy & a bacherlor's in human biology.  I should be fluent in Spanish after studying it for 5 years including almost minoring in it in college.  Oh!  I LOVE to read... sitting on the floor of a bookstore is heaven.  That's a bit about me.

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I love helping woman feel confident in themselves & showing them how beautiful they really are.  I love arts & crafts, playing with makeup & trying new hairstyles.  I'm trying to branch out into the color spectrum in my closet to you know ... colors other than black & flannel. ;)  Believe it or not this girl does not love to shop!! I modeled as a teenager and continue to dapple in it.  I love photography & fashion.  Wedding planning is my current "passion" as I prepare to marry the LOVE of my life this autumn!! EEEk!  I love animals, working out, COFFEE, ice cream & donuts!!  I just completed cosmotology school!! Woohoo!  I've always wanted to be a police officer or something in law enforcement.  My fiancé proposed to me during a our couples photo shoot! HOW ROMANTIC! I'm a sap for romantic movies if you couldn't guess.  Oh!  And I LOVE being a part of Pieta!! :)  So yeah... That's a bit about me!! :)

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What does "Pietà Elegante" mean?

I've been asked how I came up with Pietà Elegante... Well, here's my story. Simply, I love family heritage & discovering where I and my family came from. When it came to the name of my "mark" on what I do I decided heritage was where I wanted to be. Thus I picked a family name that has been passed down through the females in my family: Ruth. I put in the name "Ruth" into a language translator. My maternal line descends from majestic Alps of Tyrol, Austria back in the 1700's which may have been what is now northern Italy... But they spoke German. As it turns out, Ruth in German is Ruth... (who woulda figured). However, Ruth in Italian is Pietà. :) Pietà also means "mercy" in Italian. I stuck with the Italian theme and the word natty is "elegante" in Italian (natty means neat / smart in appearance... i.e. smartly dressed). So voila. Pietà Elegante.

I absolutely love fairy tale beauty sessions! I hand make the tulle skirts that are featured in many of my clients photos.

Pietà's Mission...

I strive to capture the story of your special moments. These stories are our treasured heirlooms that we are able to gift the next generation. How many times have you found yourself recalling amazing stories that had been forgotten until you pulled that old photo out of an album?! I want to help you connect those stories to your photos so that they can be retold again and again.





Award-winning portrait photographer based out of Tri-Cities, WA.

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